Secret Garden

secretgardenWhat was the Bad Thing that happened?  How has God healed you?  Or not?  It is so hard and so healing to tell some of our deepest secrets…things we did wrong, things others did to us.  If it helps you, tell them here, anonymously.  Or tell a trusted counselor.  But the safest most important person to tell is God Himself.  Your name, your secrets, are safe with Him.  Even if He is the one you have been blaming.

You are safe.  You are loved!  You are not alone…

 Joyce Meyer Testimony on Sex Abuse



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Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous (Post author)

    Well I suppose I should start off by saying I came from a broken home. I lived with my mom and her new husband and his dad for awhile. During that time I was sexually abused by my then grandfather until I was 5 and moved to my father’s. When I finally came forward I was called a liar and that was that. My dad remarried a woman who physically and emotionally abused me well into my teens. I had always been curious about God but whenever I mentioned it to my family they would laugh at me and tear me down, so I was discouraged. I began to hang out with the wrong people, smoking, drinking, smoking pot, and skipping school(which put me in a situation to get raped) . When I turned 18 my stepmother beat me up and kicked me out so I ended up in Texas with my biological mother and her new husband. Soon after I met my now husband. Our very first date was church and I was so scared. I felt so out of place in this place of worship. I was a bad person, God didn’t want me there. I never shared this with Joel but as we began dating we started reading the Bible together and I began to understand that God doesn’t want the “perfect people”. He wanted me and people like me. I was soon saved, baptized, married and had a baby girl on the way. 3 weeks after I had our daughter we were in a car accident hit by a drunk driver. My hip was shattered my arm broken. I was the only one hurt. I had surgery and still have issues but I’m doing better. I truly believe God saved us that night. I struggle with ptsd, depression and anxiety on a daily basis but I know that God is bigger than all of the problems me or my family have. I’m so happy that I ignored the nagging guilt and feeling of being out of place and opened up to the Lord. I’ll be forever grateful and praise him in any season no matter how hard it may seem.

  2. Elise

    The bad thing that happened.

    Mom was molested. Mom was a drug addict and an alcoholic. Daddy was gone by 8 years old. I was now living in WA with mom and her new boyfriend. Things felt foreign. Insecure. Shaky. This was when the bad things became known. When I was too young to know enough but old enough to feel it. By twelve things got real bad. Mom detoxed from heroin, grandma and aunt Kitty died. And then, mom. Mom passed away and everything was ugly. Mom passed away and I was left with nothing but confusion and anger that I was too in love with her to feel. I found her secret garden when I found our Lord. I found that she was wrong and I couldn’t excuse her anymore. I found that I had to hold her accountable in order to forgive and let God only hold her accountable. I found our Lord.

    But I found drugs first.
    I found alcohol first.
    I found sex first.
    Then I found a new pain. A new emptiness. A new loss…

    And He found me.

    Ever since I have found, that we are born into a fallen world. We are born with a condition. Then re-born with a cure, Jesus.

    He has blessed me beyond words today. It is when I surrender to His will. I make it a daily repreive to thank Him and follow Him. Each choice gets easier. Each faith step gets lighter. And here I am. In a loving, magical marriage (which teaches me even MORE about dying to self and the relationship of my Lord and myself), getting ready to move into a home we have been renovating with our own hands. We kneeled on the floor of that empty living room, the light shining down where we bowed. We thanked our Lord for the gift of a home and asked Him to be with us in it and bless it. Then we danced. I am now learning about the Trinity, as you can imagine.

    What can I say? The promises are coming true. He has redeemed me. He has reconciled me in all of my Godly relationships that I may have torn down in the midst of my tornado addiction. And He has not left one sin to waste. Our Lord doesn’t create sin, but boy He won’t let it go to waste.. In the Secret Garden..

    Thank you so much for your book.
    Thank you for your surrender to Him.
    Thank you, Jesus

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