Hard Core Sinner? Think God Hates You?

Hard Core Sinner?  Think God Hates You?

Good news!  You are in VERY good company.  With a VERY happy answer.

This poem by my friend says it all.  And reminds us that those horrid, stupid things we did were just another example of WHY He came in the flesh to SAVE us.

It sure gave me hope.  A bandage for my wounded self-esteem.  Pray it blesses YOU as well.



I am Adam

I lusted and felt the delight

Of taking that very first bite

I am Cain

I was filled with darkness and hate

Despising my well-deserved fate

I am Jacob

I was given years full of pain

As my pay for deceitful gain

I am Moses

Striking out with my foolish plan

I shamefully buried the man

I am a Hebrew slave

Delivered from Egyptian land

I looked back and fell in the sand

I am an Israelite

I failed to drive out the heathen

Their women caused me to weaken

I am Jonah

I ran from the Lord’s chosen path

And then had to endure His wrath

I am Job

I longed for God’s intercession

Humbled by all of His questions

I am a Pharisee

I love to be seen working hard

The praise of man is my reward

I am the prodigal son

After wasting my youthful years

I ran back to my Father in tears

I am Peter

I was quick to pull out my sword

But fainted at a maiden’s word

I am Lazarus

I was bound and buried in death

Till the Holy Ghost gave me breath

I am the thief on the cross

I used my last words to confess

With my hands stretched out to be blessed

I am Thomas

I couldn’t quite figure it out

But Christ loved me despite my doubt

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