Abortion…WITHOUT Doctrine or Politics or Judgment

The Lord surprised me with this one.  Why talk about abortion right now, on the verge of the holidays Lord?  But He insists.  So must be some wounded hearts out there that need it.  If abortion is something you are wounded or confused about, this is for YOU.  Let’s start with a medical person’s personal testimony:

As a young new nurse in a large metro hospital, I was recruited for a new clinic.  “PIC” they called it.  “Pregnancy Interruption Clinic.”  It was 1973.  Roe v Wade had just legalized abortion.  Very kind doctors interviewed me and presented the opportunity as a great way to help people.  AND, in complete truth, our FIRST patient group did include a ten-year-old girl who didn’t even know HOW she got pregnant.  And always sobbing women, desperate and hopeless–victims of rape, abuse, or just poor judgment.  So, yes, it fed our notion we were doing good things for the poor and downtrodden.  And helped us not judge the ones who came.

Until we saw the results.

The procedure itself was not shocking.  Doctors called it “removing the tissue.”  There were no ultrasounds yet, so no one had seen the beating hearts and tiny flailing legs. Just a large glass suction jar with a pump and a little white gauze sock inside.  As the doctor worked, we could see the white gauze inside pulsing and filling, blood dripping.  They covered the jar so the patients couldn’t see it.

Fifteen or twenty minutes, all kind words and gentle hand-holding.  Then we wheeled the women back to the recovery room and gave them snacks until they felt strong enough to go home.

THEN, after everyone had gone home, the appalling revelation of what we were REALLY doing there.  We had to empty those white gauze socks into little tin foil pans to take up to Pathology, to make sure everything was out of the uterus.  Standard procedure for clinics that remove “tissue.”

Yeah.  That cured us.  The Truth DOES set you free.  Tiny flayed bodies.  Broken bones, torn flesh. Tiny heads and arms and legs and ribcages torn completely apart, scattered in the slick of blood like war carnage. Yes we could tell boys from girls, all torn completely apart like nothing we’d never seen.  And nurses have SEEN some stuff!  Stupefied, we carried the tiny foil pans up to the Lab, as instructed.  No words.

We did not NEED a moral argument or theology or politics of “rights” to know we were seeing a Holocaust worse than the stacked bodies out of Hitler’s ovens.  What remained was only to decide what we should DO about it.  We still struggle with it to this day.  Because there are horrid situations that require life and death decisions about this.  Women do have rights over their own bodies; of course they do.  I couldn’t imagine that ten year old carrying the baby that was aborted that day.  And pitied the victims of crime, abuse and disappointments of life.  But there is also no mistaking what you SEE when you SEE it.

–Anonymous, R.N.

So, it is not as simple as people on EITHER side think.  Probably almost as hard to see as that small church full of shot up bloody bodies must have been in central Texas last week.

So many women have gone through this for so many years for so many reasons.  Millions every year.  We do know more now, due to the advanced technology.  And grieve, whether we are people of faith or not.

No one can heal that wound except God.  Others like to have you believe it is GOD who BLAMES you.

No.  It is God who HEALS you.

Like any loving parent, He taught us “right” from “wrong” so we WOULDN”T have the grief and disappointment of our poor choices.  But He DOES have healing for what we did in ignorance or desperation.    WE don’t have to “pay for our sins” when we kneel before Him and ask His forgiveness because HE already did that FOR us.

Even better, we have Someone to go to with the grief and pain and loss.  Everyone else has opinions or judgments.  Only He gives the love and forgiveness you crave.

The Bible is full of scripture that says the same.  Many hurting, damaged sinners in the Bible, forgiven and set free.  King David murdered a man and committed adultery—but when he repented, God called him “a man after My own heart.”   There are many others, from tax collectors to prostitutes.

There’s so many lies and misperceptions in this fallen world.  Many of us get our “beliefs” from CNN or fellow addicts or neighbors with their own problems.  Always better to get them straight from ABOVE.  He KNOWS our heartache.  The STATISTICS don’t HELP us, do they?  The political or social or doctrinal debates don’t heal. Only one place safe to take heartache and confusion and grief that deep.

You won’t get the slap of judgment you thought you would.


There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  Romans 8:1

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
Psalm 147:3

For I will be merciful toward their iniquities,
    and I will remember their sins no more.”  Hebrews 8:12

 Create in me a clean heart, O God,
    and renew a right spirit within me.   Psalm 51:10


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