Love really IS the most powerful force in the universe.

But many of us are still lookin’ for the SECOND most powerful force. Because it doesn’t always go like we hope.

Here’s what we just don’t GET about LOVE: We think it’s like the movies and songs. Part hormones, part looks. If we’re lucky, even a happy partnership. O, it is WAYYY more than THAT.

The LACK of it when we were small crimped some of our souls. Others of us are trying to love someone like that without understanding them.

Maybe “LOVE” was the first mistake you ever made? You listened to the Hollywood “chemistry” lies in movies or your young body’s new hormones?

Maybe it was what your mother or father never gave you, leaving a hole in your heart?

Worse, maybe you had a pure love for someone who passed away?

LOVE HURTS. Pain is the flaw in love.

But LOVE HEALS too. It is the only CURE for what ails us, the main thing we crave.

Some of us found substitutes for love and let them ruin our lives. Drugs, crime, sex are so easy, so available.

Or we believed the wrong person’s lies and were wounded.

Or we wounded someone else we meant to love.

Complicated. Makes us wonder about what we are even doing here.

I asked the Lord once: “Why did You make me?”

“To love and be loved,” He whispered into my soul.

Yes. That is what we all want. Even God. Maybe that is how we are made “in His image.”

But it’s so hard to get Love to come out even. I love some people more than they love me. And know some who love me more than I love them. Some we love die before their time and leave a hole in our heart. And we crave the love of some who do not seem to have it to give. It’s confusing; disheartening.

Unless God really IS Love, just like scripture says:

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; ….
The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.
I John 4

THEN it would makes sense that GIVING love would be the same eternal Joy that GETTING love would be!

So, I do hope you get lacey valentines with candy or prose. I want some myself. But what we REALLY need is the BIG one. The one that CAN”T be lost and WON”T reject and NOT dependent on hormones or whims.

The Valentine from GOD.

So here’s the SAFE Valentine! The BEAUTIFUL one! The FOREVER one! And it is for YOU!

Maybe you can share it with someone YOU love in our imperfect way. There IS a special “warm and fuzzy” that comes from GIVING what we never GOT 🙂


My Child,

If I was your mother or your father in this world,
I would have loved you more than anything.
My touch safe and tender,
you would never have wondered if it was right or wrong.
You would never have learned shame.

I would not have spoken to you through a haze of alcohol or drugs.
And I would never have left you alone.

I would have used my words and arms and food and smiles and gifts to tell you how special you are.
I would have brushed your hair so gently, whispering my love.
When you cried, I would have held you.
I would have believed you and not them, preferred your company to theirs.

But some did not choose the holy way.
How old were you when they hurt you?
That is how old you are in your wounded soul.
So I speak to your soul like a child.
Because I love you more than the stars and moon and flowers.

You are safe with me; let me hold you. Sh shh shhh.
I made you. It is no accident you are here.
You are here because I love you and want you to love me back.
So simple. But so hard.
Because they hurt you when you tried.

But you are a hero now!
Look how the journey has made you strong and clever!
Maybe you need to forgive Me now, precious baby.
Because I could not save you from them without stealing their souls, turning all of you into hollow puppets.
Everyone has their choice, even the bad ones.

Your journey is only now beginning. Forever is a long time, my child.
Your real life is before you.
I am breathing forever into your soul
and no one can ever take it away or hurt it.
Because you are MY child now.

So lie back in my arms. Say this:
Thy Kingdome come. Thy Will be done.
I am holding you.
I am brushing your hair.

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