Talk Back to the Devil



The wounds from early childhood made me very susceptible to the lies of the world and whispering spirits from…somewhere else, shall we say. Renew your mind,” the Bible urges us (Romans 12:2 and others. I found it verrrrry difficult to choose higher, holier thoughts when engulfed in depression and anxiety. I mean, it’s HARD to get the part that is the most BROKEN to do the work that is most IMPORTANT.

At first, it was only tiny little mewling cries of memorized verses (“I have been crucified with Christ”—Galatians 2:20) or longings (“He will never forsake me”—Hebrews 13:5 and many others) or days of tears without the energy to speak at all.

Over time it became a braver choice. More insistent. (“Put on the full armor of God”—Ephesians 6:10-17) and more efficient (“Tear down strongholds”—II Corinthians 10:4)) as I began to see His way was better. Then, over the years, bolder. Never able to “fight” before, now able to confront the one who did NOT want God’s best for me. Learned to talk back:

Bark away, ornery flesh. You are not my boss any more. God is bigger than you, more powerful than my genes. Nibble at my edges every day, you jealous demons. I will press forward in spite of you. Nothing you do can take away my soul, my eternal Spirit. Rob my peace, sometimes even ruin my testimony, but fold when you see the inevitable glory that awaits me. I feel sorry for you, lying demons, but I cannot help you. You are lost. I am saved. Bound for heaven.

This cross I carry is the one He gave me. It fits. I would even have to say I am used to it. I believe Him that it has been for my own eternal good. I have not seen one I want to trade it for. I believe the blind will see, the lame will walk, and I won’t be sad and scared anymore. I trust His love.

That is the only thing that broke the strong-willed horse within. Tamed it. Guided it instead of being carried away by it. Never perfect. But more and more.

So, if we really want to change–or really want to change the WORLD!—then we have to change our thinking. “Renew our minds.” Find the old worn ruts in our brain that parrot the devil’s lies, plant scripture there instead.

Science is discovering more and more today, that even gets right down into your physical brain and fixes things we thought were irreparably broken. God knew better.

I call that a miracle.


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