Come to Me, all who are weary.

heavy with secrets. limping in shame. coulda.. woulda.. shoulda.

Let there be light.

all the stars. then us. naked, fragile, loved.

and free!–perilous, priceless gift.

Peace. Be still.

holy whisper. roar of waterfalls.

You are safe.

your name, safe in His mouth.

your secrets, your soul, your heart and mind. safe.

maybe for the first time.

I hold your prayers before him, swirling like incense.

beautiful. sacred.

proud, stubborn child; we delight in you.

wounded by the fallen world, yet His beloved child.

let me hold you while you listen, bless you while you heal.

Ask and it will be opened unto you.

one gesture of His love and Will created all matter and space and time;

yet He has set His heart on you.

you are His story.

and He is yours.

–The Patron Saint of Misfits


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