Mind of Christ, Brain of Frankenstein

MisfitMind of Christ, Brain of Frankenstein

  … we have the mind of Christ. 
I Corinthians 2:16  NASB


Babies and brains are delicate, easy to harm.  Some of us had loving parents who were o so careful.  Some of us did not.  Many bear invisible wounds from childhood.  Life is hard.  One child, lame, struggles and falls, alone.  Another, sturdier, is supported by loving hands all around.

It’s not fair.  Not as the world sees things. Yet faith leads us to believe God is building our souls.  By adversity or by blessings.  Still–whether we are seekers or believers, we sometimes wonder why we have the brain of Frankenstein when we mean to be all sunshine and joy.  Can we really have the “mind of Christ?”  And, more to the point, does God still love us when it feels like we don’t?

It is hard to understand with our natural mind.  Only the “mind of Christ” can accept it.  And scripture tells us we have the mind of Christ.  (I Corinthians 2:16)

Then why do we have so many problems with our “minds”?  Depression, anxiety, addiction, ADD, OCD, o my.  Labels abound, fixes elude.  Only God has medicine powerful enough.

It helps to understand that the BRAIN is part of the BODY, but the “mind” is part of our SOUL.  Big difference.  Can’t always change the brain, any more than you can change blue eyes or crooked bones.  But you can have the “mind of Christ” by choosing to agree with the Word, thinking like God thinks.  Choosing with your Free Will, safely tucked away in your wounded soul.

And accepting that there will be days the brain of Frankenstein wins out.  Can’t always overcome the neurochemical glitches of that brain.  But learning, implanting, speaking, and thinking God’s truth enables us to serve Him anyway, live above the circumstances that almost cripple us.  And, sometimes, amazingly, even gets down to the physical brain and heals it.  Silent little miracles of faith.

We tend to think of violence and poverty and bad news in daily life as our “circumstances” that the Bible is always talking about overcoming.  But the wounds to our souls lost in the mists of childhood can be our main circumstance.  Crimps to our brains and psyches that time has set in concrete, not healed.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind… Romans 12:2

Since scripture tells us to renew our minds, it is plain that God Himself thinks it is possible.  Just like invisible GERMS can cause colds and flu, our invisible thoughts can cause all sorts of havoc in our souls.  These “cooties” of wrong thinking, thoughts that are contrary to God’s truth, make us prey to all sorts of chemical havoc in the brain as well.  But God has provided healing in His Word.

He sent His word and healed them… Psalm 107:20

 We sometimes fall under the influence of that damaged Frankenstein brain, but our soul still has the “mind of Christ” when it chooses to.  Therein lies the rub.  Whew.  Hard to choose it with the five senses yammering right from the Frankenstein brain.

But not impossible.

So long as we don’t wait for a certain “feeling” or expect a specific miracle.  But choose it, say it, repeat it, cry in the middle of it, try again.  A harder path than other people yes.  Well-loved, “normal,” not-Frankenstein brain people.  But our mission from God.

Long after our broken brains are dust, our souls will retain the fruit of our efforts to plant and use these bits of scripture.  God’s truth becomes part of our eternal vocabulary of worship and praise.  We will be glad forever.

And we can start now.

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