Help Me, Lord! …Sozo

1109739.DAWNOFHOPEWhat we say in public is “I am saved.”

 What we say in private is:  Save Me, Lord!  Rescue me, heal me, restore me. 

 “Help! “

 And He does.  Hardly ever just like we think or expect.  Always in a way that is best for our soul, the part that will live with Him forever.

 The verb ancient Bible Greek uses for “save” or “rescue” is SOZO, root of “safe.”  Oh, to be safe in this fallen world, not just in Heaven, but now. Hard for our broken feelings to feel safe.  But we are.  “Saved.”  In every sense, every tense:

  PAST:  Our response in faith, our “yes” to Him, saved us already from the penalty of sin.  Our eternal soul is safe with Him.  John 10:2

 PRESENT:  He is saving us from the power of sin in our lives–setting us free from our addictions and ruined relationships, free from anger and fear and hate, free to forgive, be at peace, love.  One faith step at a time.  Romans 6

 FUTURE:  When we are with Him in heaven there won’t be any more sin—ours or anyone else’s—to ruin things.    I John 3:2

 So why are things such a mess here?  Why won’t He just fix everything now?

 Because of the inviolable gift of Free Will.  Ours and the other guy’s.  Always we are free to choose.  And so are they.  How could He expect us to love Him if we were not free to NOT love Him?  It is the difference between a slave and a beloved child.

 So, there are deserts to cross in this life.  Mountains to climb.  Circumstances of life to pick our painful way around.  Learning, like the apostle Paul, that God’s grace is “sufficient for us.”  (II Corinthians 12:9)

 I myself have been saved in ways I had not been able to receive on my own, or even in church.  Saved, mostly, from my own crooked thoughts.  Taught to think in cooperation with God and His truth.  Taught to live my life with Christ at the center instead of my weak and whiny flesh.   Saved.  Healed.  Rescued.

 A miracle of grace.


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