You Just Can’t Teach God Anything


God Wants the Best for Us

God’s love is ruthless. Not fuzzy bunnies and heart-shaped chocolates, but the hard reality of death and justice. Not a lazy babysitter, watching us make our messes, thinking to clean up later rather than spoil our fun. No–a father who loves us too much to let us cross the busy highway. He is more than simple kindness–a consuming fire, refining us so we can be pure gold. We are infants in our cribs, totally dependent on Love to sustain us. Have you ever had to hurt a baby? Take them to the doctor for four shots that make them scream in pain and betrayal? Love knows things baby cannot know.

Misfits accept this more gladly because our hearts were already broken and what we feel or do not feel, what we want to feel or wish we could forget, is forever out of our control. We are wounded and our feelings will just not line up and behave like everyone else’s. It is more good news that God’s love is not a feeling. It is a fact. A concrete yardstick set in the swamp of shifting moods and bondage and pain and confusion. It is the one sure thing. He loves us. He loves you. He loves me. Not as a group or a race or a pair even, but each and every human snowflake. Desires a love relationship with each one of us that is unlike the one He has with anyone else. Knows us, cherishes us, loves us to infinity.

God persists in wanting what is best for us in His “forever.” We turn away, scream in pain, reject Him for shaping us. But He keeps on loving us, shepherding us toward Him, so we can live with Him forever. You’d think He would give up, since mankind has made it plain we’d rather do it our way.

Boy, you just can’t teach God anything, can you?

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